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Where does it come from?

Traditional Mexican Food has it’s origions in the pre-columbian era and reflects a multitude of natural ingredients as well as the fusion of diverse cultural groups. With the subsequent arrival of the Spaniards, new ingredients were introduced creating a fusion of indigenous and European foods which are known today as Mexican cuisine.

What’s an Antojito?

There are hundreds of delicious Mexican dishes to try, but is mandatory to know all the great antojitos or Mexican appetizers: tacos, pambazos, sopes, huaraches, empanadas, gorditas, tortas, tamales, enchiladas, tostadas, are just some of the long list of wonderful Mexican munchies designed to satisfy a craving.

But antojitos are not only delicious Mexican food, they also include a taste of Mexican history. Most of their ingredients are ancient contributions that Mexico has brought to the world.

The Masa

Corn is one of the basic ingredients of Mexican antojitos. It was the main indigenous food, whose corncobs were a symbol of life, generation and food, and now corn or maize is the substitute of wheat in the basic diet of Mexicans. The dried and powdered form reconstituted with water is called Masa, dough or cornmeal dough, in Spanish, is the base for making almost all the antojitos.

The Spicy Stuff

Another essential ingredient in Mexican food is chile (or chilli pepper) that comes from the native tzilli, that means spicy. The bext known chiles are the cascabel, fasilla, jalapeno, mulato, piquin, ancho, serrano, quajillo, chipotle, manzano, and poblaha.

What are Antojitos without those delicious sauces to accompany? Salsas are a combinatin of fresh ingredients, most raw, served in a little bowl or added to the meals according to everyone’s taste of
typical salsas combined ingredients like chiles, a variety of tomatoes, spices, garlic, onion, parsley, and the creamy avocado.

You are very welcome to try all our typical Mexican delights at Gorditas El Gordo. We are waiting for you!

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